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RB: Search Tags

Performing a search for tags.

Full, runnable src of Search Tags can be downloaded as part of: tutorials/ruby.

This tutorial will return tags sorted by trending, up to a specified limit.


  1. Making the api call - performing the lookup
    1. Example api call - make the call in code
    2. Example api call using script - using our tutorial script
    3. Example Output - output from a successful call
    4. Tag Fields - details of fields returned
  2. To Run - Running the example.

Making the api call

To request the a list of tags, we can use the get_trending_tags method:

api =

api.get_trending_tags(nil, 100) do |tags|
  puts tags

Notice, the above example can request up to 100 tags as an array.

Example api call

If we want to get 10 tags starting from the tag named “music” …

api.get_trending_tags("music", 10) do |content| ...

Example api call using script

And to do the same with our tutorial script, which has its own default limit of 10. Internally, the api method only allows at most 100 results, so this tutorial will paginate the results to go beyond 100:

ruby search_tags.rb

Example Output

From the example we get the following output from our script:

tag: <empty>, total_payouts: 57513246.041 HBD, net_votes: 47471936, top_posts: 4523493, comments: 27287924, trending: 100430269400
tag: life, total_payouts: 12563434.550 HBD, net_votes: 10898489, top_posts: 1193059, comments: 1164873, trending: 7440962326
tag: photography, total_payouts: 7529111.644 HBD, net_votes: 8578110, top_posts: 819008, comments: 1498469, trending: 7311205387
tag: kr, total_payouts: 2953387.067 HBD, net_votes: 749380, top_posts: 79842, comments: 2138776, trending: 7009078414
tag: steemit, total_payouts: 8531217.920 HBD, net_votes: 5393375, top_posts: 580400, comments: 1156174, trending: 5471456871
tag: art, total_payouts: 4017591.434 HBD, net_votes: 3577651, top_posts: 330597, comments: 716566, trending: 3302526197
tag: bitcoin, total_payouts: 3556944.650 HBD, net_votes: 2885034, top_posts: 416088, comments: 625529, trending: 3284115413
tag: introduceyourself, total_payouts: 1863437.063 HBD, net_votes: 725570, top_posts: 24891, comments: 986875, trending: 3185017448
tag: spanish, total_payouts: 1221282.258 HBD, net_votes: 2683931, top_posts: 154983, comments: 827033, trending: 3103643123
tag: travel, total_payouts: 3976626.578 HBD, net_votes: 2505962, top_posts: 229401, comments: 622754, trending: 2687292306

Tag fields

Tags in the results of get_trending_tags returns the following fields:

To Run

First, set up your workstation using the steps provided in Getting Started. Then you can create and execute the script (or clone from this repository):

git clone
cd devportal-tutorials-rb/tutorials/16_search_tags
bundle install
ruby search_tags.rb [limit]