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Hive has an active developer community that is constantly innovating on the blockchain. While their presence on this page doesn’t constitute endorsement, it’s likely a few of these projects could be beneficial for your Hive idea.


The Hive Whitepaper provides a more in depth technical analysis of how the Hive blockchain operates.

Hivesigner Libs

Most people who will be implementing OAuth2 will want to find and utilize a library in the language of their choice.

If you’re wondering what Hivesigner is, go here.

Hivesigner SDK -

An official javascript library for utilizing Hivesigner.

Hive Keychain

Hive Keychain is a browser extension solution to integrate web sites with the Hive blockchain.

Installation for Hive Keychain on:

For information on integrating Hive Keychain into your own web application, see: Website Integration


ChainSync -

A simple library to stream blocks and operations for digesting into other mediums.

Interactive Hive API -

Interactive Hive API swagger, open-source script allows you to simply studying Hive API + Hivesigner API so you can start building decentralized apps in matter of hours.

HiveSQL -

A private Microsoft SQL server database with Hive blockchain data, subscription based, allows you to do flexible queries and analyze blockchain data.

eSync -

eSync extracts Hive blockchain data and saves into Mongodb, written in Nodejs.

Exxp -

Exxp is a WordPress plugin to allow you to automatically publish your articles to the Hive blockchain whenever you publish them on your blog.

Many more projects and tools can be found at

Community & Help

HiveDevs Chat -

HiveDevs chat is a public Discord chat community where members of the Hive development community go to discuss Hive development, and other related topics.

It is a great place to go to ask questions, meet other developers that are working on Hive projects, share tips and code snippets, and discuss the items you are working on.

This discord also has an accompanying Hive Community: HiveDevs