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This site is designed to aid those interested in developing applications on the Hive blockchain.

If you don’t know about Hive yet, visit

The code for this site is on gitlab. If you’d like to see a specific improvement you can either submit a pull request or file an issue. Please follow our contribution guidelines

Site Resources

The quickstart section has some general information on working with nodes, and testnets.

Our tutorials section will take you through the basics of interacting with Hive apis in Javascript, Python, and Ruby.

More detailed API specs are available in the APPBASE API section. Those apis are under development, so please read notes at the top of each section.

You can find community resources, libraries, and more interactive ways to get help and education in the Resources->Communities section.

The glossary has Hive specific terms that will help you understand documentation, whitepapers, and the speech of other hivers.